Since Cham Tour established in 2014, it has always been committed to creating tourism products suitable for all walks of life in society. The company headquarter is located in San Francisco, and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Miami. The company mainly receives self-driving customers, commercial customers, and private custom groups. Its business scope covers exhibition groups, business delegations, company team buildings, family travels, company annual meetings, product launches, trainings and investigations in the Silicon Valley and famous universities of the US and so on. Also, Cham Tour has combined new local attractions with classic tourism projecting a number of unique self-driving tour lines.
The basic principle of Cham Tour is to provide the best service at the most reasonable price. Our every member adheres to bringing the life long memory and the unlimited joy to every customer by fantastic journeys.
The best quality vehicles are used in all our tour lines, including 57 seats luxury buses, 30 seats minibuses, 15 seats luxury Mercedes, 7 seats commercial vehicles, and compact sedans. All vehicles have been issued the quality and safty certificates of the United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and California Public Utilities Commission. And all vehicles have been insured.
About Founder 
Bosco Huang founded Cham Tour International Travel Company in 2014 and based it in San Francisco, California. CH stands for China, AM stands for America, and his company aims to promote the exchange between China and American. The company is committed to creating high end unique business travel services, developing flexible self-driving tours, and exploring customized private itineraries.
Bosco has been in the business tourism industry since 2005, and has 13 years of experience in the international travel industry. At the early time, he worked for China International Travel Service Corporation as a core saleman and business travel planner. From 2010 to 2014, Bosco visited the US conventional and unconventional tourist cities and scenic spots, successfully expanding the business travel market in the US. Until now, Bosco has successfully provided services for various international tour groups, annual conventions, staff development missions, company product launches, large-scale commercial exhibits, international official investigations, getting rich experience in the customized tour, and mastering a wealth of interpersonal connections and unique resources in the business tourism industry between China and United States.
Since 2014, Bosco has led the team to continuously optimize customer's experiences in eating, accommodation, transportation, travel, entertainment and shopping, built an exchange platform for the cooperation between China and the United States, planned the learning program in the higher education of the United States, implemented the entrepreneurship education, investigation, training, and exchange activities in Silicon Valley high-tech field, trying to build the bridges between China and the United States by the commercial exchange and tourism .
Explore deeply personal immersion in the local life and custom culture with our experience of 12 years
Enjoy varied business tours, award trips, exhibition fairs, and international conferences
Give unlimited travel choices with our private, customizable, and professional tour
Provide 5-star accommodations, luxurious tourist cars, and full-time guides
Have abundant tourism resources based on the U.S.A., and the whole world as well
Kepp quality customer reviews in the continuous business growth over seveal years